Elite [EP]

by Kritical



'Elite' is a 10-track EP from 18 year old Kritical from Brighton in East Sussex, this EP is his first release, collaborating with artists KK, Young Apex, with two international collaborations with American underground artists Akilah Jae and Crazy D, production comes from a wide range of Grime, going to the gritty trap sounds, and even with a element of old school sounding hip hop, 'Elite' will be released on May 14th, 2014

it will be a free download upon release, look below for the announced tracklisting:

1. Intro [Prod. Mr Carmack]
2. Dont Waste My Time (Ft. Young Apex) [Prod. AdotSkitz]
3. Fruit Punch (Remix) [Prod. Rynsa Man]
4. Zombie (Feat. KK) [Prod. Dopant Beats]
5. Elite (Remix) [Prod. Big Jackson]
6. Land of Darkness [Prod. SkinzMan]
7. Food Move (Remix) [Prod. Swifta Beater]
8. A Journey To Heaven [Prod. Anno Domini]
9. (Bonus Track) - On Top (Remix) (Akilah Jae Ft. Kritical)
10. (Bonus Track) - Her Body Bangin' (Crazy D Ft. Kritical)

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released 05 May 2014



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